Tailwheel Fly-In 2016

There are few things I enjoy more than a group of tailwheel aircraft getting together. So when this year's Tailwheel Fly-In at the Independence Municipal Airport rolled around, it was a no-brainer to attend. This is the second year for the event following an eventful first fly-in last year. In fact, this year I ended up on a team helping to judge aircraft as they arrived. More on that in a bit.

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A Simple Evening Flight

I've written before on the blog that you don't always need a mission. This particular evening was a great example of just that. Every other Tuesday during the summer months, our local airport holds a grill-out/fly-in. It's a laid back event with various attendees from other areas, but the locally-based pilots also show up and play, too. (That's us!) We enjoy going and relaxing in the hangar while checking out the various aircraft that fly in to enjoy a burger and some other snacks.

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Fly Iowa 2015!

Well, we didn't make it to Oshkosh this year, but we're not without aviation entertainment here in Iowa! This weekend we attended the yearly Fly Iowa event in Mason City, IA.

What is Fly Iowa?

Fly Iowa is an event sponsored by the Iowa Aviation Promotion Group. Each year it's held at a different airport in Iowa, so the event changes a bit each year as different people plan and put on the airshow/fly-in. Some years the airshow is larger, some not, but it always showcases an Iowa airport and makes aviation accessible to all for the low cost of free. This year, it was held in Mason City at the Mason City Municipal Airport. This is a good-sized airport and was a great host for the weekend. In addition, it's home to some connected folks who are able to bring in some neat military/warbird aircraft, making the event even more enticing.

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Tailwheel Airplane Heaven!

There is nothing finer than a bunch of tailwheel airplanes getting together. This past weekend, our home airport (KIIB) hosted the first annual "Tailwheel Fly-In", which also featured a pancake breakfast. And, yes, our tricycle gear friends were more than welcome, and several attended! The weather was decent for this type of event, but the winds were a little tricky for tailwheel aircraft/pilots. Our runway at Indepedence is a north/south runway (36-18),  but the winds were blowing from the east and gusting to near 20 mph all morning long. Certainly a challenge, but not impossible. Our little Pacer was safely on the ground, though, as it was above our normal limits for a direct crosswind. Because of the weather (cold and windy), Amber and Flynn stayed home, so this was a solo mission. I ended up helping park airplanes, which worked out fine because I didn't want to fly due to the wind conditions mentioned above. The beauty of any fly-in is the variety of aircraft that show up. This day, it was everything from a simple Aeronca Champ to a large-and-in-charge Cessna 195 and the ultra-slick RV series of aircraft. The fly-in finished up around noon and we packed things up as well as put the Pacer away. It was a good day at the airport. Enough said... enjoy some photos from the day!   [gallery ids="312,313,314,315,316,317,318"]

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