Packing for Oshkosh 2014 – It’s Time!

Oshkosh. AirVenture. The Mecca. Whatever name you give it, one week per year, Oshkosh, WI is the place to be for aviation nuts. More than just airplanes, it's a place where old friends reunite and new friends meet for the first time. We missed last year, but knew that couldn't happen in 2014. Well, here we go!

No Airplane

Unfortunately, we won't be taking our airplane this year. With Amber expecting, we wanted the flexibility of a vehicle if she needs something. So, we'll be camping in Camp Scholler in our new tent! We're not necessarily campers, but we think the amenities that Oshkosh offers put this camping experience in a different category.

To-Do List 2014

There are several things we're planning to do on our trip to Oshkosh. Here are a few:
  • Experience Camp Scholler and all it offers. This includes meeting friends from Twitter, plus attending parties such as the #CampBacon parties
  • Shop for a new headset for our airplane. The passenger headset we use has seen better days!
  • Take in the daily airshows + the night airshow. Can't wait for these daily shows, and our first night show.
  • Walk the aircraft parking areas and look for inspiration in other shortwing Pipers.
  • See how other families take their children to AirVenture and apply those lessons to next year!
Of course, there are plenty of other missions that will develop as we arrive and get our feet wet. If you're going to be at Oshkosh/AirVenture 2014, let me know on Twitter (@kchansen). We'd love to meet up!

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