1950 Piper Pacer
Our 1950 Piper Pacer at rest after another safe flight.

Our 1950 Piper Pacer

When we set out to find an airplane to buy, we had several requirements: simple, four seats, taildragger, safe, and classy. Meet the Piper Pacer (PA-20)!

About the Pacer

The Piper Pacer is among many “shortwing” aircraft that the Piper Aircraft Company built. The first was the Clipper, a four-seat tailwheel aircraft that did well for itself. Piper followed that with the Pacer, adding more power, plus things like flaps and a few other “nice-to-have” items. The Pacer had great success and remains a popular choice today – there are many great examples in the sky.

You may also see the Pacer’s older brothers, the Piper Tri-Pacer and the Piper Colt. Both of these aircraft were introduced with a tricycle landing gear to make ground operations easier for pilots. All of the shortwing Pipers are amazing aircraft and one of aviation’s best secrets!

Our Pacer’s History

Our aircraft’s logbooks go back to the day it was test flown in Lock Haven, PA, home of Piper Aircraft back then. It has lived primarily in the midwest states with its previous owner having owned it for nearly 30 years before we purchased it. If only it could tell stories!

Some Performance Numbers…

  • Engine: Lycoming O-290-D2 (135hp)
  • Fuel Capacity: 36 gallons
  • Fuel Burn: 7 gallons/hour
  • Cruise Speed: 115mph
  • Seating: 4 (technically…)
  • Fun Factor: Off the charts

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