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New Year, New Blog Updates!

Well, 2016 is upon us! And good news... even years tend to be good luck for our family. So we're looking forward to that. ;) This year I'll do my best to put even more focus on the blog. The goal is to make this an "aviation lifestyle" blog. That means plenty more flying stories including photos and video, but also more posts about other items like aviation technology, the struggles and triumphs of owning an airplane and more. If it's about aviation and it's directly related to what we're experiencing, it'll be included.

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A Flight to Manchester, Iowa (C27)

Amber and I are both from the small city of Manchester, IA. Located almost exactly between Waterloo and Dubuque, Manchester is the typical small town in Iowa, but it has plenty going on. It's an active community and has great schools, good stores for shopping and plenty of recreational opportunities. They also have a nice airport, which we decided to visit on this particular evening. We had no real mission in mind and we needed to take on some fuel.

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A Simple Evening Flight

I've written before on the blog that you don't always need a mission. This particular evening was a great example of just that. Every other Tuesday during the summer months, our local airport holds a grill-out/fly-in. It's a laid back event with various attendees from other areas, but the locally-based pilots also show up and play, too. (That's us!) We enjoy going and relaxing in the hangar while checking out the various aircraft that fly in to enjoy a burger and some other snacks.

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Fly Iowa 2015!

Well, we didn't make it to Oshkosh this year, but we're not without aviation entertainment here in Iowa! This weekend we attended the yearly Fly Iowa event in Mason City, IA.

What is Fly Iowa?

Fly Iowa is an event sponsored by the Iowa Aviation Promotion Group. Each year it's held at a different airport in Iowa, so the event changes a bit each year as different people plan and put on the airshow/fly-in. Some years the airshow is larger, some not, but it always showcases an Iowa airport and makes aviation accessible to all for the low cost of free. This year, it was held in Mason City at the Mason City Municipal Airport. This is a good-sized airport and was a great host for the weekend. In addition, it's home to some connected folks who are able to bring in some neat military/warbird aircraft, making the event even more enticing.

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