We get a lot of question about how we making aircraft ownership work and why we love to fly. Here are some of the more popular questions, but if you have any others, feel free to get in touch!

Aircraft Questions

Q. Where do you hangar your aircraft?

Our airplane is hangared at The Eastern Iowa Airport (KCID) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Learn more about KCID.

Q. Don’t airplanes cost a ton of money?

Some do. Ours is a modest, simple machine that has been well cared for. Our aircraft cost about the same (or less) than a new SUV. In fact, many aircraft can be had for around $30,000 or less, depending on the mission you have in mind. Vintage aircraft are affordable, safe, and great options for the casual flying family.

Q. What are some other costs associated with aircraft ownership?

Pretty typical stuff, really. You’ll need a place to keep it (our hangar rent is $1,100/year), insurance (ours is $658/year), maintenance reserves (our annual inspection is around $1,000/year) and, of course, fuel money. Our Pacer burns about 7 gallons/hour and fuel around here is about $4.00/gallon on average.

Q. Wait – your airplane was built in 1950? That’s old.

Isn’t it cool? They don’t build them like this anymore! The truth is, old aircraft are safe and reliable. It is maintained much differently than your car and items are replaced at regular intervals before they break. Our Pacer was rebuilt/covered in 1980 and has lived a very luxurious lifestyle since.

Flying Questions

Q. What does it take to become a pilot?

Learning to fly is one of the greatest things you can do (we may be a bit biased). All it takes is the motivation to learn, some time to take the lessons, and money. Everything takes money.

Visiting your local airport and finding a flight instructor/flight school is a great way to get introduced to the hobby/career. The Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association has a great page on learning to fly.

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