A Maintenance Flight For Everyone

This is a story that includes two short wing Pipers, a fairly stiff crosswind and geese. But I'll get to all of those things as the post unfolds. My friend, John (owner of 1957 Piper Tri-Pacer) needed to pick up his plane after its annual inspection at the Vinton Veteran's Memorial Airport (KVTI). It's only about 14NM from our home airport (KIIB), so it's a simple mission, but the airplane had been sitting awhile and a mission of any kind was definitely in order.

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To Fly or Not? That Was the Question

As a flight instructor, I've always pushed the idea of establishing personal weather minimums. Crosswind limits, ceiling/visibility limits, etc. And as a "regular" pilot out doing my own thing, I try to live by those rules just the same. So it should come as no surprise that when the world started stacking the deck against me on our last attempt to fly, it was an easy decision: not today!

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