Tailwheel Airplane Heaven!

There is nothing finer than a bunch of tailwheel airplanes getting together. This past weekend, our home airport (KIIB) hosted the first annual “Tailwheel Fly-In”, which also featured a pancake breakfast. And, yes, our tricycle gear friends were more than welcome, and several attended!

The weather was decent for this type of event, but the winds were a little tricky for tailwheel aircraft/pilots. Our runway at Indepedence is a north/south runway (36-18),  but the winds were blowing from the east and gusting to near 20 mph all morning long. Certainly a challenge, but not impossible. Our little Pacer was safely on the ground, though, as it was above our normal limits for a direct crosswind.

Because of the weather (cold and windy), Amber and Flynn stayed home, so this was a solo mission. I ended up helping park airplanes, which worked out fine because I didn’t want to fly due to the wind conditions mentioned above.

The beauty of any fly-in is the variety of aircraft that show up. This day, it was everything from a simple Aeronca Champ to a large-and-in-charge Cessna 195 and the ultra-slick RV series of aircraft.

The fly-in finished up around noon and we packed things up as well as put the Pacer away. It was a good day at the airport.

Enough said… enjoy some photos from the day!


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  • Hello Casey!
    I was directed here by the May issue of Flight Training magazine and have thoroughly enjoyed the browse around. Love the Pacer, too. I had an arrangement in college to fly a Tri-Pacer. Currently, I am the owner of a ’61 PA24-180; the baby Comanche.
    I work at KMZZ, semi-retired, part time, seasonal, not well trained and cranky. It’s my hobby job.
    You know what would be cool? If you could visit us during our Fly-in/Cruise in September 5th. It’d be a long legged trip for the Pacer. Bring your Tri-Pacer buddy. Have a pancake.
    If you come, I am usually parking planes by the FBO. Come say hi!
    Congrats on the arrival of your little Flynn. Oh, I get it. Fly nn. Almost escaped me, there.
    Fly on!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Mike! Sounds like a fun time down at KMZZ. Not sure if we can make it, but I’ll add it to the list and who knows!

      Your PA24 sounds awesome. As you can probably tell, we’re a fan of the oldies… 😀

      Stop back soon!

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